Saturday, August 13, 2011

Froggie Mani

As I said in my previous post, I bought a cheap acrylic paint set at Walmart.  Here it is:

I had hoped it would be good for nail art, and I think it worked out great.  Nail polish is good for simple, quick nail art like dotting and stamping, but it dries really fast.  Acrylic paints are better for more complex nail art designs because you don't have to keep stopping to put out more color on your palette.  It stays wet and usable on the palette for much longer than polish.

So, here is my first nail art attempt using acrylic paints:

Froggies!  With lily pads, lilies, and some yummy insect munchies!  Here's a closeup of my left thumb:

And here's my right hand:

Closeup of right thumb:

The frog on my right thumb looks like the ... "special" brother of the one on my left.

Hopefully one day I'll get as good at painting with my non-dominant hand as Rins.

So, did y'all get anything from the Zoya promotion?  I bought Jo, and got Jem and Yara free!  I bought Cynthia and Neeka a few weeks ago.  Dree is the only other color that I really need have to have want from their fall collection, but I entered to win it, so I have to wait till the contest is over just in case I win (spoiler: I never win anything).  Here's a blurry but sparkly-showing picture of my new friends:

Jo, Yara, Jem

xoxo, Natalie 


  1. So adorable!! I also bought Jo in the recent promo, and Neeka :)

  2. Cute! :D

    Sadly, no new Zoyas for me, this time around. Maybe next time. :)

  3. I love your frog manicure - you're very talented. Great job! I like how you also added the lily pads, flowers, and insects on some of the nails. :D